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The Rule of Three

The Rule of Three in seasonal Colors and inviting Groupings

We were reminded of the “Rule of Three” with this seasonal display at an area Central Bucks Florist.  Small groupings, scattered mixes, varying heights from foreground to back, high color and the appealing, inviting look of  the “Rule of Three”. 

“Remember the Rule of Three”

“Whenever you create a display, work in sets of three. If you’re arranging merchandise by height, have a tall, taller, tallest. If something is squat and round, have a fat, fatter, fastest. You can even group by price: the good, better, best display is well-established and works surprisingly well.”

From the writings of  consultant Rick Segel


One comment on “The Rule of Three

  1. Sally
    March 18, 2010

    Fabulous blog and pictures! Love the design tips, beautiful interior displays!

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